1843 - 32 Street SW
Medicine Hat, AB
T1B 3N9
Copyright 2018 BYZ Enterprises Inc.
The BYZ name dates back to 1978 however the company was incorporated under "BYZ Enterprises Inc." in May 2010. With over forty years combined experience, BYZ brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business of grading and underground utilities.

BYZ is fortunate to have a strong working relationship with Cee Gee Construction Ltd. as well as a variety of sub-contractors including (but not limited to) In-Line Augering, Mudrack Concrete, Transit Paving, Aecon Transportation West, LMT Enterprises Ltd., and Grassroots.

Professional affiliations include: ASET, ISN, ARHCA, MHCA and ASCA.

Bonded, licensed and with Alberta and Saskatchewan COR certifications our areas of operation include Western Canada.
Heavy Civil Construction - Underground Utilities - Water
Storm and Sanitary Sewer - Power and Communication
Excavation and Install - Irrigation Pipe and Structures
Earthmoving Projects - Irrigation Canal Rehab
Roads - Site Preparation - Drainage Projects - Slope Stabilization
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